We have been blessed to have Mrs. Lowery as our oldest child's K-5 teacher. Her love for her class and the pride she takes in what she does is obvious. She demonstrates a genuine interest in the lives of her students and derives real joy from shepherding their hearts, and our daughter has positively thrived under her instruction.

One expression of this devotion to her class is the high expectations she holds them to; rather than being a weight, her standards are a grace that fosters a love of learning. It's also been rewarding for us to partner with her as our daughter's begun learning to read on a solid foundation of phonograms and learning to write in an aesthetically pleasing cursive script.

We're honored to have her speaking into our daughter's life with her godly character and example. The gospel covers her classroom daily as she unpacks the goodness of God's creation in each subject they study.
— R & J Babington, GCA parents of K4 and K5 students

Our experience in Greenville Classical Academy's K5 was wonderful! Mrs. Lowery is energetic, experienced, and she truly loves every child in her class. Mrs. Lowery has a unique ability to get to know and to see each and every one of her students as individuals. I have seen her capitalize on each of her students strengths, and I have seen her lovingly encourage them in the areas where they need to grow. She truly has a gift. My son loved having Mrs. Lowery as a teacher. She provides her students with fun learning experiences, faithfully teaches from a biblical perspective, and lays a strong foundation that prepares her students for first grade. I would highly recommend the K5 at Greenville Classical Academy to anyone.
— R Fyock, GCA parent of 1st and 3rd grade students

Our family's story of how we were led to GCA is not very different from other Christian families. Our daughter is a typical 12 year old, and a real joy to her parents. She has attended school since she enrolled in the Mother's Day Out program at Calvary Baptist in Simpsonville. She started this program when she was 3 years of age. We then enrolled her at another Christian School where she attended until the completion of 5th grade. We felt she was not challenged during these years so we enrolled her in a Public Charter School for 6th grade. This was a pivotal year for her as she was exposed to a lot of the "world" that she had previously been shielded from. The teachers and administrators were excellent but many of the students’ behavior was unruly and as is the case with most public schools.  Teachers were powerless to maintain control and order in the classroom. During this period we realized we had to find another option before she went to the next grade.
We found GCA through an Internet search engine, did some research, and liked what we saw. We contacted GCA and attended a brief tour. We were impressed with the peaceful, orderly learning environment observed during our tour. We were invited back to interview with the Principal to see if our family fit GCA's requirements. Our daughter was accepted and started 7th grade. We have been impressed with the organization and administration of GCA. We would like to point out that the academic requirements and standards are not typical. She has certainly been challenged so far this year. We are pleased with GCA and feel the academics here will be rigorous, but extremely helpful as she continues her education.
— J & T Snyder, GCA parents of a 7th grade student

Greenville Classical's K-4 program not only met but exceeded our expectations last year. We particularly appreciated Mrs. Godwin's calm, nurturing personality and her commitment to seeing the children succeed in each area. We were so pleased not just with the academic information our son learned, but his understanding of it at such a young age. Whether the children are studying science, practicing handwriting, or at recess, there is an intentional Christ-centered-ness in all that's done. We are so thankful for Mrs. Godwin's loving, godly influence at this early stage of his education. We're confident that our son is well-prepared for Kindergarten and we are looking forward to another great year with GCA! .
J & K Robinson, GCA parents of K5 and 1st grade students

Our two children attended another Christian school for many years and received an excellent education. But along the way in the junior and high school years, some teachers lacked the "love" for their hearts and a desire to see them "master" math, science, and even Bible. After our son graduated, we decided to take our daughter and put her into a different Christian school - Greenville Classical Academy. Our daughter was ready for a change, but unsure of why this school would be any different. I have to admit, so did we. She enrolled her junior year, but quickly adapted and truly enjoys every day. Her teachers know their subjects, desire to see her learn and "catch" the concepts, but more importantly, seem to really love teaching AND their students -- ALL OF THEM. We truly believe we made the right decision and that the Lord is being honored at GCA.
— T & C Larkins, GCA parents of an 11th grade student

Greenville Classical's K-4 has been a wonderful fit for our family. Not only does our daughter come home excited about learning, but it has given her a great foundation for kindergarten in a loving and wholesome environment.  Mrs. Godwin has been a fun and nurturing teacher and it is clear that she has a lot of love and care for her students. We love the emphasis on Christ in all subjects and the priority of developing godly character. We feel so privileged to have found a school where our daughter is getting an excellent education and where our Christian values as a family are supported!
— R & J Vest, GCA parents of a K5 student

High school... so many choices but they all seemed the same: too big, too overwhelming, too institutional. And honestly, my ability to home school successfully was winding down. Then a friend told me about GCA. From my first phone call I felt so sure that this was the right choice for my son. 3 days a week! Lots of work, granted, but 2 entire weekdays in which to get it done. This model is needed by the entire high school educational system. I've been thrilled at my son's courses and the critical thinking he applies even at home. He respects his teachers and their knowledge of the subjects taught. I'm so pleased with GCA and the standards they have, the subjects they teach and the character qualities they model to my son.
— R Cross, GCA parent of a 9th grade student

After hearing that the philosophy and vision of Greenville Classical Academy includes a strong biblical emphasis and high academic standards, we chose to send our child there for his educaiton. The K-5 program confirmed that we had made the right choice. Mrs. Lowery made learning fun for our energetic son. He learned how to read, spell and write at a level we did not anticipate at his age. The emphasis on phonograms provided him with a strong foundation for reading. And when studying math, science and history, he was constantly reminded of how each subject fits within God's created world. He also learned of God's intent for his people to serve him with the gifts and talents he's given them. The smaller class size also ensured that our son got the attention he needed to excel, and we have all benefited from the intentional family involvement that GCA encourages.
— C & B Barrett, GCA parents of a 1st grade student

For the twenty years (so far) that I have homeschooled, I have loved it. Having a master's degree in education, I've reveled in watching my children catch the "aha!" moments of learning. I've loved watching them grow in understanding under my tutelage.

But there came a time, especially when my sons reached their teenage years, when I wished for some help. I didn't want to turn over the reins completely to someone else; I just felt the need--the wish--for them to be able to answer to someone else  for some of their subjects.

I can't tell you how pleased I've been that Greenville Classical Academy has fulfilled this need. My second son, who is now attending there part time, is working harder for the GCA teachers than he was working for me, and feeling the satisfaction of accomplishing work for someone other than his family. Also, the teachers are very prompt, very helpful, and very gracious in answering my questions sent by email. I know that my son is in good hands here, and I still have the benefit of being with him for essentially 3 1/2 days a week.

If the University Model school had been available when my first son was in middle and high school, I know I would have wanted to take advantage of it then. I believe that GCA fulfills an important need for the Greenville community.
— R. Davis, GCA parent of a 10th grade student

Greenville Classical Academy is a unique educational institution in the Upstate of South Carolina that has the vision and the faculty to train my children to become discerning followers of Jesus Christ. GCA’s Biblically-grounded, classical approach to education will equip my children to understand who they are in Christ and their place history, and will give them the confidence to go make a difference in their world!
— F. Martzin, GCA parent of 8th grade and 10th grade students

Having Mrs. Mann as [my child’s] teacher this year just confirmed to me why God has chosen GCA for his education. We've been blessed so much by her encouragement, understanding and support as a teacher and a friend. She is an asset to GCA. 
— E. Cox, GCA Parent of 3rd grade and 7th grade students

 I am a product of a typical, well-respected Christian school. My school had weekly chapels, used BJU and A Beka curriculum, and adequately prepared her students for entrance into most any college they chose. I was not taught that we evolved from single-cell organisms nor was I taught that the Koran and the Bible are equally holy texts. I could go to school everyday without fear of guns and violence and could pray freely without worries of trespassing upon anyone’s understanding of the separation of church and state. So why do I look back with dissatisfaction on my own education? And why do I want more for my own children?

As Michael Sisk has said, Greenville Classical Academy is not just a typical Christian school. GCA has chosen a particular, unique method – the classical method. The curriculum is the difference. When I look at the curriculum of my son and compare it to the curriculum I was taught, I want to be 10 again. 

When I was taught civics, not only was I never required to read any portion of The Federalist Papers (which were written to persuade Americans to ratify the new Constitution), I was also never required to read the Constitution itself! When I was taught math and science, my teachers didn’t tell me that these subjects are knowable because they are rooted in a God of order, and it is only because of Him that we can study them with success. When I read the sad tale Of Mice and Men, I wasn’t taught to measure the bleak worldview of John Steinbeck against the hope of a Christian. In literature, I was only required to read one of Shakespeare’s plays before graduation (it was a humiliating but exciting day when my then 3rd grader corrected me on one of Shakespeare’s plot lines)! In English, when I wrote a term paper on John Milton, I wasn’t required to read one single sentence that John Milton wrote (and I still got an "A" on the paper). When we studied history, I wasn’t taught that private property rights, a fundamental pillar of American history from its founding, is rooted in the Scriptures. 

Fortunately, the teachers and Board of GCA know that a Christian education isn’t merely about avoiding a few ungodly topics like evolution or hyper-environmentalism and then adding on a chapel service. It’s about being taught how to think. Because of GCA, I have confidence to know that my son will graduate without the weaknesses of my own education. He will be able to know about the world, he will be able to think Biblically about it, and he will be better equipped to live all of his life for God’s glory.
— A. Smith, GCA parent of a 9th grade student

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